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Welcome to John May's Activities Pages!

Whenever I need to plan a trip, either a hike into the mountains or a trip overseas, I consult the internet. I may simply check the weather forecasts, or I may spend hours going from link to link, collecting as much information as possible to learn from whoever took the time to post their experiences or share their knowledge. These pages are perhaps a small payback for what I have gotten from these web sites and news group postings.

As you can see by the limited number of links I have, these pages are in development - I will be adding to the pages of trip descriptions as time permits. In the meantime, I hope that what I have posted is of some benefit and/or interest to those of you who may happen upon this page. Enjoy!

comments? questions? contact me at:
j_may_1443 at yahoo dot com

Last updated: 6 April 2006
Me,  In front of Angel Hall